Every day, nationwide, pet activists, animal advocates, professional pet sitters and volunteers work tirelessly helping pets get to safer situations. These pets are pulled from kill shelters, dangerous or abusive situations, or a variety of other circumstances.

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Bottom line, these pets are now having the opportunity to start a new life. Today, I am picking up a pair of bonded brothers, who lost their home in the South. I am picking them up in Kenosha, WI and driving to Milwaukee, WI.


What happens in transport:

  • Shelters or animal advocates are advised of the need and contact rescue transport coordinators.
  • Rescue transport coordinators begin to arrange the transport
  • Pets are brought up to date on shots and necessary paperwork to travel, legally across state lines.
  • Teams of volunteers are assembled to drive from point A to point Z.
  • Volunteers are screened to make sure they are “kosher” to drive these babies to their destinations.
  • Run sheet is assembled, finalized and distributed to all volunteer drivers.
  • The “run” starts. Drivers are ready to go with meeting spots pre-arranged, phone numbers exchanged. Drivers go from point A to point B and hand off to the next driver. Each driver transports approximately 60 miles each way.
  • Updates happen along the way to the coordinator and other drivers so they can keep tabs on the precious cargo.
  • Pets arrive to their final stop and go into foster care, or into a rescue groups loving arms until a suitable home is found for them. Its been a long day for them…and they are tired from all the new sights and smells they are experiencing. (also known as….can I get some grass here?)


Sound like something you would like to do? Look on Yahoo Groups, Linked in Groups, Google-rescue transport to see how you can help.

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From personal experience, I’ve fallen love each time. Each time we say, “If we had room, we would so take this dog into our home.” Do something great for the world and animals-dogs, cats and other animals need your help and time.