While we love in home pet sitting and dog walking, we also like to help animals in other ways. One of our most favorite ways is to do a “rescue transport.”

What does that mean? Well, I’d love to explain!

When dogs and cats end up in crowded shelters, many which are “kill” shelters, a network of people across the country are notified of a specific breed needing help. Ideally, breed rescue groups are contacted for assistance. Can the animals be taken into foster care, can it be driven on a rescue transport-how can we help this animal to get off death row?

All types of animals need help-from purebreds, to mutts to large and small dogs, from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards.

Scores of monitors across the country start putting tag teams of drivers into place. For the Wisconsin drivers, generally the transport starts in Kentucky, Alabama or Georgia. Up to 15 drivers are secured, and with health certificates and paperwork, the dogs and cats, once with a death sentence have the opportunity for a new life with a loving pet family. In our case, we always drive from Kenosha, WI to Milwaukee, WI. We have also driven all the way to Hartland, WI to Fluffy Dog Rescue, JR Pups and Stuff and White Paws German Shepard in Green Bay, WI.

There is nothing more satisfying than falling in love with your dog passenger-seeing his new family meet him for the first time and loving them for the short period of time they are in your car. Often times, its hard to part ways-as these precious pets have taken up space in our animal hearts.

Free this weekend? Look for a rescue transport to help and your puppy heart will never be the same!