Dog Walking

We can’t wait to take your beloved best friend out for a brisk walk or for playtime in your back yard. Regular exercise helps decrease boredom and gets your dog necessary exercise and while we’re at it, we’ll also work on leash skills and manners. Your dog will be thrilled to see our care givers each time they visit. Whether it’s a belly rub, a game of fetch, an afternoon snack or just fresh water, their day will be special and all about them.

In inclement weather we will take your dog for a quick potty break, then return inside to work on tricks, training, extra belly rubs and ear scratches. Did you know that mental training is as strenuous as physical work? You can choose either 30 or 60 minutes of fresh air fun and one-on-one attention.

Our dog walkers will send you an email or text with photos (if desired) and provide a summary of the visit in a journal (including a pee and poop report). We pay close attention to your dog’s health and behavior.

Dog Services and Rates

Our walker can take your dog on a morning, midday or late afternoon walk to get some exercise and go potty. Depending on age and energy level, your dog can be taken on a 30- or 60-minute walk. Midday dog walks are scheduled between the hours of 11:00 am-2:00 pm. Time slots are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Dog walking services include:

  • Fresh water
  • Feeding
  • Visit updates with photos
  • Medication (if needed)

30-minute Dog Walk

  • One to two dogs, $28

45-minute Dog Walk

  • One to three dogs, $34

60-minute Dog Walk

  • One to four dogs, $40

Overnight in-Home

  • Overnight (10 pm to 6 am), $110

Holiday Surcharges: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, we charge an additional $8 per visit. On Thanksgiving, Christmas and Christmas Eve we charge an additional $10 per visit.

Puppy Care (up to 6 months)

Two-month old puppies need be let out to go potty every 3 hours. Time increases an hour per month of age, this will help with training as your puppy’s bladder grows. We offer special puppy packages tailored to your needs. We will let your puppy out, take care of feeding, help teach basic commands, and – of course – provide lots of love and affection!

“We’ve been using Wisconsin Pet Care for about a year and half now, since 3 days after we got our beloved dog. We are so completely satisfied with the service and would never think of using anyone else. They are organized, punctual, professional, and their services are very user friendly. It is so easy to go on their website to change your schedule. Their love for animals is obvious so I know my dog is with someone who will care about him. I think the best part of my work day is when I get the pictures texted to me before they leave. They are always of a happy dog with a blurry tail because it’s wagging. We love Wisconsin Pet Care.”

We were extremely pleased with the service when we relied on Wisconsin Pet Care. We needed dog walking for about two months because an injury prevented us from walking our standard poodle on Milwaukee’s East Side. Rachel was the regular walker for the late afternoon walks and did a great job; as did the other team members who occasionally were called on to do the walks. Karyn runs a wonderful service and was very considerate of our needs. We highly recommend the service.”—James, Milwaukee