Poop Scooping

Let’s face it, a poop-free yard is more fun for everyone!

Who wants to spend their weekend picking up after Fido? In addition to keeping your shoes clear of an unwanted mess, regular cleanup service has many benefits:

  • An attractive yard. Dog waste can take a year to fully decompose, leaving your lawn brown and patchy. But regular cleanup can turn it around in a few weeks.
  • Protection from unwanted bacteria. Until they learn to wash their paws (hey, at least cats make an effort), regular scooping can protect you, your family and pets from parvo, trichinosis, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, giardia, coccidian, and other troublemakers.
  • More time with family and friends!

Cleanup services begin as soon as the ground thaws.

Call 877-822-6926 (select option #4) for a cleaner yard.

Our Process

We arrive weekly for service, either Thursday or Friday (dependent on weather) so your yard is ready for weekend activities and entertaining. We do not offer every other week service.

Step One: SCOOP

We use a rake method that allows us to thoroughly remove the waste from the grass as well as dirt, bark or gravel. We walk the entire yard or the areas a client requests in a grid-like pattern to ensure all waste is collected. If you have cement areas, patios or decks, we will do our best to collect what we can, treat the residue, and then spray the area down with a hose if provided.


The waste is double bagged and placed in your garbage can. We “doo” take it a step further and treat the waste with our odor treatment product that is a natural disinfectant and deodorant, which helps break down the waste and reduce the odor.

Step Three: CLEAN

To avoid cross contamination, and to keep things clean and sanitary, we treat and spray all of our tools and shoes after every job to remove residual waste so everything is clean and ready for the next yard. Gates are always locked securely behind us. We like to say, gates closed securely is our #1 priority, the poop is #2!


Weekly Service: $20 per visit for up to 2 dogs, then $5 for each additional dog. Yards are cleaned on Thursday or Friday. Services are billed monthly. (We do not offer every other week service.)

Spring Cleanup: $80 -$100+ depending on size and condition of the yard. Covers up to 1 hour of cleaning.