Puppy Care in Milwaukee

Our professional dog walkers and pet sitters do a happy dance when we get a new puppy dog walking client. Why? Because we adore seeing the young ones; the ones that we will hopefully get to see growing up and love and train from the get go. The puppies who steal your heart with their puppy breath and amazing puppy energy-the love and bond we form with them while doing professional pet sitting and dog walking is beyond compare.

Pet Parents with puppies need special attention. The general rule of thumb for a puppy holding their bladder is one hour for every month old, plus one. So, if your puppy is two months old, he should be able to hold it for up to three hours. This varies with each puppy, so what we recommend to do is do a dog walk at 10 am and then at 2 pm, which should tide pet parents over until they return from the office. If you work in Milwaukee and surrounding areas, we are fully staffed to provide twice daily dog walks and pet sitting. Dog Walking in Milwaukee is our specialty and we will adore you puppy like he/she is our own.

If you don’t own a puppy, and have a senior dog or cat, we can provide pet sitting and dog walking as well. We excel at giving medications and knowing how to spot the signs of weakness or illness in pets. So, if you are looking for pet sitting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pet Care can be of great service to you!

To Get Started with Puppy Care in Milwaukee: Fill in the “Ready to Book” form under CONTACT US tab. Once we receive your form, we will enroll you in our online scheduling system.  You’ll receive your Puppy’s Paperwork to to fill out and sign.  We’ll get right on your file and set up a “Happy To Meet and Greet” so we can get you all settled in and the fine details for access and our policies.  We look forward to helping your Puppy become a Happy and growing part of Milwaukee’s Pets.