As a Professional Pet Sitter I have the opportunity to care for some amazing senior aged pet cats. While it is a wonderful act of kindness to adopt a pet cat from a shelter or rescue, the kittens and younger felines are quickly adopted, leaving senior felines left waiting for a forever home. Here are eight reasons why you should adopt senior first.
1. Adopting an older cat in it’s later years means no worry about clawed furniture or curtains. Generally most senior pet cats have outgrown the days of destruction. They are settled and prefer to spend their time napping in a lap or cozy spot of the house.
2. No litter box training needed! While kittens are cute and fuzzy they usually need some training time for the litter box. The older, handsome variety just needs to be shown where the litter box is and you’re done.
3. Senior pet cats just want to be loved. They have spent their lives either with one family only to be taken to a shelter because they are no longer convenient for family life or they have had a hard life shifting from place to place. All they want is a loving family to spend their last years with.
4. Senior does not mean too old! Many pet cats who have reached their teen years still have plenty of spunk and life left in them.
5. While the senior pet cat you adopt may only live for a few more years it will be the most satisfying years of your life. Providing a home filled with love and car for a pet cat as it nears the end of its life is a wonderful, meaningful experience.
6. Adopting a senior feline will give him a sense of security and love, he will forever be grateful to you. A senior pet cat will love you unconditionally, he knows just how special it is for you to give him the best years of his life.
7. As a Professional Pet Sitter I have always recommended adopting an older cat. In my experience they are the best age of pet cat to have. They are affectionate, loyal, and just grateful to have a new family! Think senior first, give an old guy or gal the best years of their lives!