After you’ve cleared the confetti and empty champagne flutes, you might decide to make a few resolutions. A new year, a new you! Times to get those finances in order, the household more organized and lose the extra 10 you promised yourself last year. And while most of us make these ambitious promises with the best of intentions, February can sometimes find us back in our settled saddles. We here at Wisconsin Pet Care urge you to stick with just one resolution this year: Work with your PFF (Pup Friend Forever) to make this his best year yet! But where does a pet parent even begin?
1) Weight Loss – If Fido has gotten a little wobble in his walk over the years, it may be time to start a diet and exercise program. Obesity in dogs can cause respiratory problems, the development of diabetes, increased stress on the heart/joints/other vital organs and an overall loss in the quality of your four-legged friend’s life. Start slow, and begin decreasing your dog’s food intake, while increasing his physical output. A healthy, happy pet starts with a physically fit physique!
2) Long Walks – Whether on the beach or in a park, a long walk is like puppy Prozac! The sights! The sounds! The smells-it’s the canine equivalent of reading the newspaper! After a long day cooped up in the house, there’s nothing like putting paws to pavement. Even better, hire the services of a professional pet sitter, such as Wisconsin Pet Care to have a much needed mid-day break. A walk is a possible cure for almost every canine ail – boredom, anxiety, weight gain, excessive barking and aggressive behavior (just to name a few). But most of all, walking with your dog creates an unbeatable bond. Logging these miles of memories is a quality way to spend time with your loyal companion.
3) Love him unconditionally – You have kids, friends, family, work…Fido has you. Only you. He is devoted and adores you unconditionally. Loving him in the same way will result in a bond like none other you have ever experienced. You can trust him not to tell your secrets, he will alert you when you are in danger, and he’ll always be there to offer an escape (aka “hydrant party”) when your mother-in-law begins to give you guff about the house. When you are excited, he gets excited. When you hang your head to cry, he’s there with a nudge of his head and understanding eyes. So the next time he’s made a mess on the floor, chewed your favorite slipper or gets his fur on the upholstery, don’t get upset. Instead, hug him and grab the leash for a long leisurely walk.
4) Spend More Time Together – Walking, learning, playing; there are so many things you can do with your dog. Take a few minutes each day for a little mono-e-pup time. Tossing the ball around, taking a stroll through the woods or practicing your secret hand shake/high five combo are like canine code for, “I love you”. Remember, you are his WORLD!
5) Teach an old dog new tricks – Are paw shakes and rollovers child’s play? Dogs, like humans, LOVE to learn! Did you know that we have a professional trainer on our team? Mental stimulation can add years to your dog’s life, and working on new things together will bring you closer together. The folks at have created a list of fun tricks to inspire and intrigue you and your pup pal. And remember, practice makes perfect. If at first he doesn’t succeed, try, try again!