As the owner of a pet sitting service in Milwaukee, I come across a lot of family pets-ranging from dogs to cats, birds, and rabbits. Snakes, sorry, we don’t do them. They make most of my professional pet sitters squeamish, myself included as the business owner.

Today my manager and I had the opportunity to meet a new five day a week client by the name of Beans. Call it love at first sight-it was magical. Beans, a rescued dog from Chicago (his mother, a foster failure…the best kind) is moving to the Milwaukee area for work.

Dog Walker 3rd Ward


As we talked with our new client, we had the opportunity to get on the ground with Beans and love him. Personally, I like to have pups come to me; to feel comfortable with my space and presence before I move in with endless kisses. Its only proper canine ettiquette.

He showed us he loved us and provided us with enough canine cues for safety by nudging our arms to pet him. I wanted to kiss him, but I left that for another date, another time.

As a pet owner in Racine, I wonder if I am alone in my favorite spot to kiss my own animals-right smack dab between the eyes; the small indented space where its flat, and you can smell your pups natural smell? Do you feel the same way?

Wherever that magical spot is, love them plenty. The love you unconditionally, daily, with reckless abandon. Its our job to do the same.

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