by Katelyn Schutz, CPDT



Ever wonder if your dog is truly happy? Curious what you can do to make sure your pooch is emotionally and physically healthy? Follow these tips daily for a content canine!


Companionship. Canines are social pack creatures who work together as a cooperative species. It’s no wonder we domesticated them! Dogs naturally crave our attention and companionship, so make sure to set aside daily time to relax, snuggle, and just be with your pup.


Worried about leaving your pet alone during long work days? Hire a professional dog walking service to relieve your pooch, and also provide that loving companionship in the middle of the day while you’re away. The bond your dog will form with your professional dog walker will be priceless.


Physical exercise and activity. Athletic and full of energy, our pet dogs need daily physical exercise to really thrive. When humans do not provide an adequate physical outlet for their pooch, the dog often finds things to keep busy with… which are usually activities we do not prefer, such as chewing up the carpet, barking incessantly at the window, or getting into the trash can. But a tired dog is a good dog! Exercise often rids of these typical problem behaviors, as your dog will be too wiped out to get into trouble.


Daily exercise will not only relieve boredom, but will also keep your pet living a longer, healthier life. Just like people who exercise regularly, dogs who live a fit lifestyle often live longer, and reduce their risk of common health problems like diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.


Overwhelmed with how much exercise your pup requires? Hire a professional dog walker to help relieve you of some of your dog’s exercise load. We can walk, jog, and play with your pooch to have some fun while burning some energy (and calories!).


Mental stimulation and brain games. The value of mental stimulation is underestimated by the average dog owner. I find “brain games” wear out my dogs just as well as a walk to the park!


Turn mealtime into play time. There is a whole world of interactive puzzles and toys out on the market now. They are often food puzzle games, in which you hide kibble or treats in the toy, and your pup has to discover how to get the food to come out. Look into Nina Ottosson or Busy Buddy, for example. Don’t forget to let your professional pet sitter know where your dog’s games are, so we can entertain your pooch while you’re away!


Interact with your dog. Play “hide and seek”. Take an agility class. Teach your dog a new trick. Play nose work and scent games. Take your dog new places. There are thousands of ways to keep your dog mentally active too!


Happy tails to you!