Losing your pet is one of the most emotional things you will ever go through in your life. Whether it was a sudden loss or one you could see coming in the near future, the grief and heartache is still the same. Getting another dog or cat can help with the grieving process.


While another pet dog or cat will never replace one you’ve lost, it can help the heart heal. There is a void within the home, routines are shifted, family members grieve, sleep is hard to come by. A new pet helps ease the emptiness we feel and fills the home with love. Lost routines become new again.

The wait to bring a new pet into the home is different for everyone. There is no right time limit or wrong time limit. For some getting a new pet the next day or next few days brings balance back into the home and love into hearts. For others a few months up to a year is needed before opening their hearts to a new pet.

When a person or family is ready they will know the time is right. Whether you choose to foster or adopt, your pet sitter can recommend adoption centers and rescues. Try local animal shelters or rescue groups. We believe that going through a rescue group is best, as the rescue has had time to foster the animal and see its quirks and personality. This is invaluable to determine if the personality of the new family pet will work with your needs.