Have you ever stepped in dog or cat poop? I know I have and it’s not very pleasant.  Using poop bags is something that every dog walker or cat sitter should have.  Our team, from Kenosha, WI to Racine, WI to Brookfield, WI all agree!

During fall leaf time, when those nasty “gifts” are left behind by pet owners out in the wee hours of the morning because you can’t see where it went! Its hazardous to be walking but also to potentially have your dog walking in them, too.


Picking up your pets feces has many great benefits for our communities and our pet’s health. Not only is it better to not have to step in it, but it also keeps our land cleaner too.

As a dog walker and pet sitter with Wisconsin Pet Care, we deal with picking up poop on a daily basis with both dogs and cats. Knowing that we are helping keep the neighbor’s yard feces free really helps us know that we are doing my job right. We see other feces piles from other dogs and wonder why aren’t they picked up?

Yes, poop does smell bad, but do owners ever wonder what the dangers could be in leaving it there? For one it attracts flies, and it can also contain giardia, roundworms, salmonella, or E. coli which are parasites and types of bacteria.  Just one step in it could change something with your pet or even the human body.


Cats even are important when picking out their stools in the cat box. If your pet sitting or cat sitting, remember that cats do like to move the litter around. We’ve seen it firsthand where cats kick feces outside the box and then stepped on it accidentally with shoes or bare feet.

Being proactive, along with letting your dog walker or pet sitter know your needs is very helpful.


Remember…always have bags around of some sort whether it is special poop bags or plastic grocery bags. Keeping our neighborhoods cleaner of animal poop is much less stressful than an animal or dog walker stepping in it. If you forget a bag, try and find something you can use like a cup or a newspaper bag outside.