My husband and I returned from what was a so called “vacation” last night. The reason I say “so called” was because, as a business owner, one truly never gets to turn out and off. We went to a professional pet sitter conference in Boston for the weekend and then headed to Vermont to see dear friends. While I had the best intentions of tuning out, I didn’t want my other pet sitters and dog walkers to shoulder the burden of scheduling, answering emails and making calls. Instead, while walking in the lovely foliage laden mountains of Vermont, I continued to make contact with our beloved clients.

Like many of our clients, I had trepidations of leaving our fur babies. Owning a pet sitting business I understand the level of care and compassion for pets that goes into our daily jobs. I always say, if I can’t leave and leave OUR animals in the hands of a professional pet sitter, how can I trust that our clients will do the same.

I take for granted how wonderful the Wisconsin Pet Care team truly is. If you are looking for quality care, you should keep reading.

On our trip, I became our most challenging client. We had flight delays, worried about how they were, begged for photos so I could feel like we were there, or they were with us. We do all that, ALWAYS. We send text messages and photos…sometimes videos of your dog running around. We write in a journal provided to each client. But not being on the end of the customer, I have forgotten how this is like a life blood.

I KNOW our dog walkers and pet sitters rock. I just needed to be reminded just how far they go to make those away from home happy. I’d like to write a review myself. I would say the things many have said already:

I never once worried about my babies. I KNEW they were in the best hands possible. Thank you for taking care of my in car vacation travel with dogs