Now that the kids are out of school, and the first day of summer has officially arrived, are you beginning to plan a vacation?  Of course there’s always DisneyWorld or Yellowstone, but have you considered taking a trip that caters to your four-legged family members, too?  One of the latest trends in the travel industry is pet travel, or more specifically, dog travel.  Pet-friendly hotels have been on the scene for quite some time, but there are now entire destinations that will have your canine feeling fine in no time!  So break out your sunscreen, gas up the minivan and set forth on an adventure you all can enjoy!




Beach-bound Hounds


Surf’s up!  Grab your board and check out the little slice of swell on Ocean Beach in San Diego.  The Original Dog Beach is one of the first leash-free beaches in the United States (Rally the troops’ excitement for the trip by watching the film, Endless Summer II – it features Rocky the Surf Dog showcasing his hang-eight skills!) and it will give everyone a chance to soak up some sun.  If you have a water-loving pup, this (very dog-friendly) surf-town is paws-itively perfect. 




Maybe make a weekend out of it and attend the Padres’ annual Dog Days of Summer event – take in a ballgame, but hold the peanuts and Cracker Jacks!




Ruff-ing It


Camping, or “glamping” (for the pampered pups), is the quintessential dog vacation.  Not only does it treat your dog to lots of new sights and smells, but the outdoors is where a dog can just be a dog.  Early morning hikes, a splash in the lake to cool off and fresh country air – few things can create better doggy dreams!  Even if you were to stay right here in Wisconsin, you would have over 99 state parks to choose from.  Just be sure to find out the pet rules before you go – here’s the link to some of Wisconsin’s most pet-friendly state park areas.




Remember that mosquitos and ticks like to hang out in the woods, too!  Keep your pup safe from the illnesses they transmit by using a repellant.  There are many remedies on the market, but if you want to take a holistic approach, try neem oil.  This natural solution has proven to be very effective in guarding your pet from fleas, ticks and other critters (not to mention, it does great things for balancing his skin and coat).




First Class Getaway


Of course, a dog never NEEDS a paw-dicure, but when mom and dad want to go on an afternoon (or overnight), human-only excursion, why leave Fido cooped up alone?  D Pet Hotels (located in NYC, Hollywood and Scottsdale) take pampering to the next level!  From thermal wraps (to revitalize the health and vitality of his coat) to full-body massages, these luxe accommodations are a real treat for your dog!  Don’t have time to drop your pup off before you go?  No problem!  Let the hotel chauffeur pick up your pooch and give him the big city tour – With a fleet of cars that include a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and a Ferrari, you can be sure that man’s best friend will be riding in style.


If you do decide to leave Fido at home, be sure to call Wisconsin Pet Care early!  Our summer dates book fast and we want to be able to keep your dog or cat on the schedule he or she is most used to.