As the jingle bells fade into the background, a new year is upon us.  Of course a new year means a new start!  Just as you will resolve to make changes in the upcoming year, it’s important to help your dog take on new challenges as well.  Whether it’s a matter of dropping a couple of pounds or eating better, every site has the same advice.  It’s time for dogs to flip the script!  This week, Wisconsin Pet Care suggests a few ways to show old resolutions new tricks.

Get Those Paws In Motion!

*Try an off-the-leash dog park.  That’s right, no tether for your tail-waggin’ pal!  Of course, he’ll get a great workout while he’s running, jumping, exploring and playing with all of the other dogs – but to him it’s just too fun to actually be exercise.

*Take a hike!  There’s no doubting that a stroll through the neighborhood is just what the doctor ordered, especially after a long day of being house-bound.  For a special treat, however, a trail hike is an entire sensory experience!  After all, the ‘great outdoors’ is a place where a dog can be a dog.  Let him sniff, mark and play ‘til his heart’s content.

*Disc-o Dog.  What’s more fun than a ball?  A Frisbee!  This activity is one for man and his best friend – learning is made easy the free guides on!  Not only will you get the benefit of bonding during the training, but this active pastime will get everyone moving.

Hungry Like A Wolf.

*Protein power!  Do you think that a raw diet is too time consuming or too expensive?  Why not try a 50/50 diet (Half raw and half conventional)?  Even small changes in nutrition can have a major impact on your pup’s overall health and wellness.

*Treats for your sweets.  Maybe you don’t have time to prepare all of your dog’s food, but it’s easy to start small with treats.  Instead of another nutritionally deficient Milkbone, homemade chicken jerky or sweet potato chews are packed with protein and vitamins.  Vital Essentials, Fresh is Best and The Honest Kitchen all make dehydrated treats sure to please any pup with high nutritional benefits.

Quality Time.

*What’s up, Doc?  In replace of just doing the routine vet visit for Fido’s annual check-up, ask yourself whether your pup is getting the care he deserves.  If the doc is in and out faster than you can say “$125,” it might be time to seek an alternate veterinary care provider.  We recommend getting advice from both Western and Eastern based vets.

*Cuddle.  It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday rigors of life and feel like you’re running short on time – but there is ALWAYS enough time to give your dog a snuggle.  Showing affection is not only beneficial to your pooch, but it also offers health benefits for you.  Relax.  Unwind.  And enjoy those comforting moments with your furry friend. Remember, you have a life, but you are your dogs life!


What are some of your own pet resolutions for the upcoming year?