Summer, inevitably will come to an end. Dog walkers, pet sitting neighbors and teenagers will be back in school and many of us will be left without care during the day for our loved dogs and cats.

Wonder what to do without your trusty friends and neighborhood teenagers?

Hire a professional in home pet sitting and dog walking companymilwaukeedogwalker. Professionals are available year round, 365 days a year. They will establish not only a relationship with YOU, the client, but the walkers will also establish a relationship with your pets. There will be more than one person coming to love and care for your dogs and cats. There will be back up if someone becomes ill. There will be bonding, workers comp insurance, liability insurance behind them. There will be easy online scheduling and confirmations of your needs. There will be someone there, answering phone calls and questions.  No need to rely on a teenager checking her texts or snap chatting with friends.

But best of all, there is someone who understands safety. Why is this so important to pet sitting and dog walking? Because the normal pet owner has no idea of what the signs of danger or illness look like. Do YOU know what a seizure looks like and what to do in case of one? How about heatstroke? How about lethargy? Most recently, we had an enlarged anal gland with a clients senior boy, and I will bet the farm that a friend or neighbor would have NO clue about what to do in this case. Our trusty team nipped that issue in the bud and get help within 12 hours!

If you are looking for a professional to love and care for your babies while you head back to the office or school, please give us a call. We will be eager to walk your baby, love your cats and provide you with consistent, loving care for your animals. What that means to you is priceless peace of mind.