Hard to narrow it down to just five, as we have so many great ones in the Milwaukee area! As dog walkers, cat sitters and pet sitters we have many referrals but I can safely choose at least five of the top to share.

Finding a vet is like finding a mate-they have to be just right, the chemistry needs to be there, and the respect needs to be mutual. If you are planning on living in one area your entire, life, or at least for the life of your dogs, cats, birds and other creatures, finding a vet whom you trust and who you communicate with is imperative. After all, that vet will hopefully be around to watch your puppy or kitten grow up, mature to adulthood and then see them in their senior years. And don’t even mention the process of going to the bridge together.

Some things to look for when choosing your next or new vet:

  • Proximity to home is great, but you may be sacrificing your pets health by settling for distance versus skill.
  • Look for a vet with a staff who can assist if your vet is out of town, unavailable or taking time off. I like the round robin approach of seeing one particular vet, and having the back up plan of another associate in the practice.
  • Chemistry is everything. See how that vet connects with your baby. One of my favorites immediately sits on the floor with my fur kids and talks to them, taking time out of her schedule to help them calm down.
  • See if they are open to alternative medicine versus the traditional way of treating animal illness. Get their ideas of promoting wellness with food, supplements, laser treatments, acupuncture, etc. Antibiotics don’t cure all ills-unfortunately many vets feel they do.
  • See where they went to school and how long they have been practicing.
  • Ask your friends and neighbors, and of course, your pet sitters and dog walkers.

Milwaukee Veterinarian holding a cat

So-who does Wisconsin Pet Care recommend and refer:

1. Shorewood Animal Hospital-Dr. Audrey Whang and Dr. David Rosene are tops in our book for dogs and cats. Kind, caring, compassionate, they get rave reviews from our clients. Always.

2. Brentwood Animal Hospital in Oak Creek. Dr.’s Osgood are identical twins and their other associates Dr. Nancy and Dr. Christina are top shelf. Dr. Nancy stayed 3 hours one night to help my dog have emergency surgery which saved me from going to Lakeshore Veterniary Hospital-another winner if you need a specialist. Lakeshore specializes in above and beyond needs for your pets.

3. Dr. Kurt at the Center for Animal Health in Wauwatosa. When I asked him while I was marketing at his facility his thoughts on a holistic, raw based diet, he sat down for over and hour and spoke to me about the pros and cons of raw based diets. That impressed me. TIED with Small Animal Hospital on the East Side of Milwaukee.

4. Silver Springs Animal Wellness in Glendale-Dr. Lisa Kuslow. Kuslow is a western and eastern based vet and uses both modalities in her treatment and wellness of your dogs, cats and other critters. The staff is top shelf and they even provide bowls of ice water at each visit.

5. Dr. Jodie, the Animal Doctor in Muskego. A true homeopath, Jodies emphasis is on nutrition and wellness versus treating the ailments. Love her.