Spring is just around the corner!  And while visions of a cabin fever-reducing getaway may be dancing in your head, the likelihood is that Fido won’t be tagging along.  Instead, you may have set up boarding at a local kennel, or even asked a friend or family member to watch him while you are away.  But before you head off to enjoy your well-deserved rendezvous with sun and sand, Wisconsin Pet Care wants to remind you why finding a good pet sitter will allow both of you to enjoy the time away.

How Hiring a Pet Sitter Benefits Your Dog

*There is no stress of having to acclimate to a new environment and/or new puppy pals.

*Your creature of habit can keep his same schedule and activities.

*He will receive personal one-on-one attention.

*Having the opportunity to go out and take a walk is so much better than being shut in while you are away.

*Stress and anxiety are high at kennels. Your dog will feed off the energy of others-thus becoming more and more stressed!

*Lots of nasty bugs lurk at boarding and kennels. It may be less money up front, but will a visit to the vet be less than $150 inclusive of meds?

How Hiring a Pet Sitter Benefits You

*You will have someone to do simple household chores: watering the plants, bringing in the mail/newspaper, etc.

*While a friend or family member may enjoy watching your dog, there is a peace of mind knowing that you have a professional looking after your companion. Our team knows first aid and CPR and we have relationships with every vet in town. We know how to handle emergencies.

*Your home is watched and the routine of your home stays the same-trash, recycling all get taken out and we contact you if we see suspicious behavior.

*We know how to handle any and all issues if something were to happen in your home.

What Should You Look For When Choosing a Qualified Pet Sitter?

*Is the potential pet sitter bonded and insured?

*Have you checked references from previous customers?

*Are the company’s pet sitters trained for emergency situations (first aid/CPR)?

*Is there a back-up plan in case the pet sitter has a personal emergency?

*What are the ratings of this person on BBB, Google, Yelp and Yahoo! Will the company provide references for you to check before making your decision?

WISCONSIN PET CARE provides all of this and more!  As a part of our award winning service, we add personal touches to really set your mind at ease while you are away.  After each visit, you will receive a text message update letting you know how your pet is doing.  A daily journal is also kept so that you can be sure your dog is receiving all of the care he deserves!  We pride ourselves on giving you and your pet the best customer experience pawsible.

How Can You Help Your Pet Sitter?

*Gather all food and pet supplies together and store them in one convenient place so that it is easy to find (with extras in case you are away longer than expected).

*During your initial meet and greet, be sure to provide thorough and accurate information about your pet (personality traits, habits, health issues, hiding spots, favorite toys).

Don’t feel guilty the next time a vacation comes calling.  Everybody needs a little time away.  When you’re ready for a spring break, Wisconsin Pet Care is your best choice for pet sitting.