As pet sitters and dog walkers, we have noticed cats drooling while under our care. Fear not, your pet cat is not part St. Bernard even though he drools like one. For some cats drooling is a normal occurrence usually accompanied by purring. Some cats do triple duty kneading, purring, and drooling at the same time.
If your pet cat drools when purring and or kneading it is a sign that she is feeling happy and confident. Drooling occurs when your cat is so far into the happy zone that she forgets to swallow. Often times cats that have a triple play in effect are revisiting the feelings that came with being a kitten snuggled up to momma. Blankets, pet sitters, owners, and soft pillows are often the receivers of drool soaked love.
There are times when a cat may drool that does not indicate happiness. Drooling that happens continuously and/or becomes thicker in consistency is a sign of illness, either from a poison, toxicity from plants, mouth problems, and upper respiratory. If your pet cat is not normally a drooler, or normal drooling patterns change or increase your pet sitter will alert you if it is discovered in his/her care. Whether discovered by a pet sitter or yourself a veterinary visit is needed to determine what is causing your cat to drool.
While being drooled on by your cat isn’t glamorous and can be considered gross, a cat does not see it that way. For a cat there is no greater way to say I am thankful for your love than drooling on his owner and pet sitter.