As a Professional Pet Sitter I often come across people asking me if they can just leave their pet cat alone with extra food while they are on vacation. The answer is a resounding NO! Then the owner tends to mention how self reliant pet cats are. While this has some truth to it, a pet cat should never be left completely alone while its owners are away.
One reason to hire a Professional Pet Sitter for your pet cat while you are away is to ward off loneliness. Your pet is used to your company and love, to have no one coming into the home leads to stress and depression. Your pet cat will begin to wonder if you’ve abandoned him, making for anxiety riddled days.
Then there is the issue of a litter box that goes without cleaning for a number of days. Most cats will no longer use their litter box if left in an unclean state for more than a couple of days. This leaves them no choice but to use other places they deem worthy to go to the bathroom. An owners bed is a choice for some, others choose areas such as a bathroom rug or the laundry pile, they do not discriminate between clean and dirty laundry piles.
Food and water are another concern for pet cats who go without at Professional Pet Sitter. Some cats are gluttons, eating any food that is left out for them as quick as possible. This can not only lead to an empty bowl for days but a sick cat. Water can also be knocked over leaving no other source of hydration for your pet cat.
One of the biggest reasons to hire a Professional Pet Sitter is health. Should your pet cat fall ill while you are away there will be nothing that can be done to help your cat. Depending on the severity of the illness death could come before your arrival.
When you hire a Professional Pet Sitter for your pet cat you can travel with the knowledge that he has a Pet Sitter coming into your home everyday to give him love, feed him, give fresh water, clean his litter box, and alert you along with taking him to a veterinarian should an illness occur. Your pet cat will be happy and content knowing he can look forward to seeing his Pet Sitter everyday while you are away.