#1 Dog Care Services In Milwaukee County

#1 Dog Care Services In Milwaukee CountyAs a dog owner, sometimes we need a little help when it comes to the care of our beloved four-legged family members. Whether your dog need to be walked, trained or groomed, maybe a combination of the three, there are several providers in Milwaukee County to meet your needs. Walking #1 Wisconsin Pet Care

How to Bring Home a Puppy for Christmas

How to Bring Home a Puppy for ChristmasAdopting a new puppy is exciting at any time of the year and introducing a new puppy at Christmas only adds to the joy. However, the holiday season is not necessarily the best time to bring a new puppy home. Still, if there is no way around it, there are precautions you can take to help ease the transition.

How to Handle Holiday Pet Care

Heading to relatives or friends homes for the holidays is an exciting time — especially when the entire family will be reveling in holiday festivities. Planning your trip takes patience, time and almost the skills of a project engineer, especially when planning what to do with the family pets.

Dog sitters provide pets one-on-one attention

Published Feb. 17, 2012 at 3:04 p.m.

If you have to ask yourself if you’re walking your dog enough, then you probably aren’t.  But if you work a “9 to 5” job, then your pet care options are somewhat limited. You could come home during lunch and dote on your dog, or if it works for (both of) you, you could send your pooch to doggy daycare. But if your dog needs a more one-on-one approach, and you can afford it, personalized pet care might be more your speed. Read the entire article…

Dog days of summer hard on pets too – Keeping the canines cool

MILWAUKEE – It’s the dog days of summer, and for the dogs themselves, the summer heat can take its toll.  “Miserable, miserable, it’s just too hot for them,” dog walker Kate Hartlund told TODAY’S TMJ4’S Jesse Ritka.