When many of us plan a vacation, we often think of asking a friend, neighbor or coworker to stay with our cats or dogs while we are away.

I’d like to share some reasons why that may not be the best thing for both you and YOUR pets safety and wellness. Hiring a professional pet sitter may be just what the dog ordered, so to speak.

Think about this:

  • Does that friend or neighbor know the warning signs of distress in animals and understand PET FIRST AID AND CPR?
  • Do they have a back up if they are detained, or ill themselves?
  • Are they familiar with canine body language and how to read what a dog is really saying?
  • Are they experienced with giving insulin or other complicated medications?

professional dog walker. jpg

Professional pet sitters and dog walking companies often train their employees on how to handle every and any emergency situation. At Wisconsin Pet Care our employees backgrounds not only reflect a love for animals, but extensive experience in the field of behavior, doggie day care handling, vet tech and assistance and training. We know what to look for and get it taken care of before there is an emergency.

Another thing to consider is your home. While you may know this friend of a friend of a friend, are they trustworthy? What would happen if that antique vase were to break, or your Aunt Mabels favorite necklace suddenly disappeared? With a professional:

  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • An employee covered under Workers Comp. Insurance

As you can see, there are lots of important things to think about when considering who will care for your babies.

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