For every well-fed cat that sleeps comfortably in her soft bed, there is another cat with no food or shelter.  And while your pup is basked in tail-wagging happiness each day, some dogs have no bone to call their own.  Of course you already know this, and it is not our intention to sound like a commercial narrated by Sarah McLachlan.  However, this week Wisconsin Pet Care wants to empower you, the savvy pet parent, to explore the many ways you can share the love – all in an effort to make this planet a better place for all animals (not just a lucky few).


Volunteering your time, effort or money goes a long way toward the cause of animal welfare.  That doesn’t mean that you need to spend your energy on every organization that exists to benefit pets.  Make a choice and then act on it!


For those who love animals, but cannot have them in their home


*If you are not allergic to animals, volunteer at your local animal shelter.  Cages need to be cleaned, kittens need to be socialized, dogs need walking and all the animals could use someone to play with!


*Perhaps you do have a pet allergy.  Animal shelters still need volunteers for non-animal related tasks, such as newsletter creation, sending out emails or calling for donations, teaching community outreach programs or even conducting tours of the facility.


For those with time


*Taking your dog to visit the sick or elderly can do wonders for the people who may be temporarily away from their own animals.  Of course, your pet will need to complete a training program first, but the health benefits of pet therapy are well-documented.  In fact, many senior centers now have “house cats” that are permanent fixtures at the residence.  The animal-human bond is strong and there is no denying that our well-being is improved, just as much as their own, through shared interaction.


*Volunteer at an animal rescue.  These pet superheroes can often be found rescuing animals that are in danger of being euthanized and placing them in foster homes until a forever home is located.  Sometimes the commute is long, so willing drivers are always appreciated.


For those with money


*Donate food, litter, toys and other pet supplies to your local animal shelter or pet organization.  Oftentimes people think that these rescues and shelters are funded by the government, but they are not.  They are able to stay in operation with the help of many volunteers and generous donations.


*Consider a monetary donation to an animal organization.


For those with time and money


*Foster pet-parents are lifesavers…literally.  Rescued animals need a place to stay until they can find a forever home.  Since they are in your home, you will be responsible for feeding them, caring for them and spending time with them.  Your reward is in knowing that you’ve made life, momentarily, a little more comfortable for a dog or cat in need.


Wisconsin Pet Care leads by example


Lori Mendelsohn, and the staff at Wisconsin Pet Care, give back to the communities that support the business.  The company hosts quarterly food drives that have raised thousands of dollars’ worth of donations to benefit local shelters.  Additionally, Lori has volunteered her time (and her pups) performing pet therapy visits at nursing home facilities. Almost every Sunday, Lori does rescue transport for JR Pups and Stuff, being in a tag team of drivers helping pups go from high kill shelters to forever homes.

Lori encourages the Wisconsin Pet Care team to volunteer when they have time.

Chris Bucci volunteers tirelessly for Lost Dogs of Wisconsin by running their Facebook page. She also volunteers at HAWS as a dog walker.

Angie Tilson and Kaelyn Schutz volunteer and train dogs who are close to being unadoptable for MADACC.

Kelsey Cartwright volunteers for Tailwaggers 911.

Julie Hartman volunteers as a cat socialist at Wisconsin Humane Society.


The truth is, everyone has a talent or ability they can lend to help benefit animals.  Wisconsin Pet Care encourages you to take action and help a pet today!