The commercials for BACK TO SCHOOL remind us that summer is almost over, but many of us are asking ourselves-what do we do with our pets-and most specifically-WHERE CAN I FIND A DOG WALKER?

Are you looking for a professional dog walker or a pet sitter to care for the kids while you are back in school, or when your summer dog walker returns to school?

We can help! Crisis averted-solution solved! We have amazing dogs walkers on our team.

Dog Walking Pet Sitting in Milwaukee
What to look for in a dog walker you’ll be hiring:

  • EXPERIENCE OVER PRICE. The old adage is true that you get what you pay for. While there are many mobile apps to help, there is nothing more valuable than a trusted, reliable, professional dog walker with CPR and Pet First Aid Certification.
  • BACK UP PLANS IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO THE WALKER. While Tiffany may sound tops, what is the back up plan if Tiffany has to take the dog before her to the vet for emergency medical help?
  • INSURED, BONDED, TRUSTED, PROVEN. That college kid who sounds good and trustworthy, and you know his parents……..are his parents walking your dog, or will he spend the entire time staring at his cell phone and not working with or protecting your pup?


While familiarity, price and a convenient app may be enticing, nothing says success like 9 years in business and a proven track record. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Wisconsin Pet Care is the highest rated and highest awarded in home pet sitting and dog walking company in the entire state of Wisconsin. Please call 877-822-6926 for more information.