Doggie Day Care – is it a safe environment for your loved ones?

We interview many dog walkers and pet sitters in Milwaukee for our team and our ratio of applicant to hire is about 125 to one. To say we are picky is an understatement. We look for so much more than our competitors, which makes the hiring process difficult. We do this because we want to sleep at night and if you can’t sleep, we can’t either. We do criminal background checks, a personality assessment, a drug test, a DMV check and a sexual offender check.

Many of our applicants come from the Doggie Day Care arena. Over and over, we hear stories of doggie day cares being overcrowded, understaffed, under supervised and a literal lions den of potential risk for your puppies and adult/senior dogs.

Wisconsin Pet Care only takes care of your family, not a pack, not a group and always just your pets ALONE. Your pets will NEVER be subjected to crowds of frightening animals who have no business being in a pack environment. PLUS, we have one sitter to one animal (unless you have more than one animal in your family)

Here is what makes us different:

  • Our highest standards of recruiting talent. We hire one in 125 or so applicants.
  • We train, follow through on training and assist as needed once the team is in the field for dog walking, cat sitting and pet sitting.
  • We have been in business for close to 9 years. We are doing something right and something amazing. For a pet sitting, cat sitting and dog walking business-this is huge.
  • When you call us, you will get a live person-the owner of the company to help solve your immediate issues or concerns about your pets.
  • We are NOT AN APP. We are a recognized company who values your business. While we do not take every client who contacts us, we will give you a professional experience.

Milwaukee Dog Walker Pet Sitter

Wisconsin Pet Care is the GOLD STANDARD in cat sitting, dog walking and pet sitting. Please call us at 877 822 6926 for more info and to arrange services for us to start walking your dogs or pet sitting while you are away at the office on while you travel!