Why In-Home Pet Sitting is Best for your Feline


Are you a cat owner going on vacation this summer?  Looking into finding the safest and most relaxing way to leave your favorite feline friend behind as your enjoy your time away?  Hiring a professional in-home pet sitter is not only the easiest solution for you, but it can be the most comforting for your kitty too!


Consistency and predictability relieves anxiety in our pet cats.  By remaining in their normal environments with their usual routines, many felines find it much more comforting to have a professional pet sitter come into the home.  They know where their box and food is located.  They can find a coveted hiding spot at the drop of a hat.  And there’s nothing quite like laying uninterrupted in that favorite sun spot every afternoon.


Even a state-of-the-art boarding facility can be stressful for our feline companions.  There are different smells and sounds.  The routine is not the same as at home, and if your cat is anything like mine was, that was NOT going to fly.  Many cats refuse to eat, or even use the litter box when stressed.  Not to mention, for most kitties, traveling in that dreaded carrier to and from the boarding facility can be equally as nerve-racking.


Instead, having a professional pet sitter come into your home is typically the best option for most cats.  But what else can you do to ensure your cat will be successful while you’re away?


Be prepared.  Leave your professional pet sitter with all the essentials to a happy kitty.  Make sure to buy plenty of food and treats that your cat notoriously loves.  Anxiety from an owner’s departure can cause inappetence, or reduced appetite in cats.  Leave a full stock of enticing food that you know agrees with your kitty.  If your cat’s appetite decrease while you’re away, consider looking into some stinky canned food or raw diet that may encourage your feline to eat more readily.


Leave plenty of safe toys and mental stimulation out and about to keep your kitty active.  I personally love when clients leave out the laser pointer or cat dancer toy for me when I pet sit, so I can play with and exercise their kitty daily.  Some cats go bananas for cat nip.  Others enjoy “hunting” for their food in interactive puzzle games.  Remember to fill the bird feeder before your leave, so your cat has loads of “entertainment” out the window.


Sometimes when cats are anxious, they can have issues with inappropriate elimination.  You can discourage this by supplying your professional pet sitter with plenty of your feline’s favorite brand of litter.  At Wisconsin Pet Care, we always strive to keep cat boxes clean at every visit, so ensure our kitties want to go in their fresh boxes daily.  Consider calming pheromone therapy around litter box areas to help with inappropriate elimination too.


So rest easy, and enjoy your time away even more knowing your feline family is safely at home with the best care around.  Happy travels!