by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Perhaps you always loved the elegance of the svelte Siamese or the luxurious fur of the Himalayan. Maybe you’re drawn to the antics of the clownish Maine coon, the roly-poly amble of the Manx, or the Bengal’s flashy pattern. Or perhaps, you just love orange-and-white American short hair cats because you grew up with one. Whatever your reason, whatever the cat, finding a specific breed or color or pattern doesn’t have to mean going to a breeder. Here’s how you can find the kitty on your mind.


Many wonderful, purebred kitties await forever homes at any of Wisconsin’s animal shelters. Check the website of the Humane Society ( which lists cats by location, so you can search by its campuses in Racine, Ozaukee, and Milwaukee. About 25 to 30 percent of animals living in shelters are purebreds.

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue ( in Somers features only purebred kitties of all sorts. For Cat’s Sake in West Milwaukee ( offers mixed and purebreds for adoption. Find more shelters at

Don’t assume that shelter pets are “problem” animals and that only adopting a kitten ensures a well-behaved cat. Sometimes, people move to new apartments that don’t accept pets. Other cases involve a sick or elderly owner that can no longer care for his little friend. Some cats need pet training and the help of an animal behaviorist to fit into a human household. Some cats end up at shelters because their previous caretakers develop allergies.

Keep checking with shelters and Wisconsin’s many rescue organizations periodically to see if “your” kitty has arrived. Or, you may find a totally different kitty who steals your heart anyway.

Ask your local pet sitter or veterinarian if she’s aware of any cats of your favored breed that need a new family. Your pet professionals may know clients who have to find a good home for a loved pet. What better way to re-home a loved kitty than through a trusted pet sitter or veterinarian? Don’t forget to peruse the pet section in your local paper, too. Work with the family so they feel confident that their cat is going to a home where their kitty will be safe and happy.

You may search for awhile to find your perfect kitty, but it will be worth the wait. After you find your perfect mate, and need assistance with cat care or cat sitting, Wisconsin Pet Care is poised to care for your newest addition.