by Katelyn Schutz, CPDT

Pet-Friendly Living: How to incorporate family pets into your home decor!

Let’s be honest… We love our pets, but we don’t necessarily love all that cat fur on our kitchen counters, or that dog slobber on our favorite furniture. Living with pets can be challenging when you’re trying to keep your home looking neat and clean. But there are many unique ways to incorporate your pets needs — with style — into your home decor!

Under-the-stairs dog houses. In many homes, the awkward space underneath the stair case is often wasted. Turn this tuck away space into a lovely den area for your pup! When well crafted, this safe area can serve as your dog’s kennel or crate. Your professional dog walker will now know exactly where to find Fido every time. Doors, even windows, can be installed as desired. Put your pup’s favorite bed and toys inside his or her new den to make it feel like home. Decorate and finish according to your personal style.


Hidden cat litter box furniture. Tired of that unsightly cat box? Decorate your feline’s duties with chic furniture or decor. IKEA has pre-made furniture to hide your cat’s box. For those how are handy, used furniture like end tables and cabinets can easily be transformed. Good Pet Stuff makes a litter box system that looks like a natural indoor clay planter. Hidden cat boxes are perfect for apartment living, or when trying to be space conscious of living arrangements. Don’t forget to tell your professional pet sitting service where your kitty’s secretive box is located!

Reupholster child-sized furniture with durable pet-friendly materials. For those do-it-yourselfers, this can be an economical and fun way to give your pet their own personalized furniture. Many thrift stores or consignment shops will have inexpensive toddler-sized couches, beds, and chairs. Consider fabrics that are indoor-outdoor friendly, as they tend to be more durable and withstanding of pets. Personalize it with patterns and fabrics that match your existing home decor. Your professional pet sitter cannot wait to send you a picture of your pet lounging on their stylish new furniture!

Decorative climbing. For cat owners, it can be very frustrating when our feline friends walk on surfaces we don’t prefer, such as our kitchen counters or dining table. Giving your cat an appropriate place to climb is the best solution, so get creative with it! Incorporate sleek, modern wall art that doubles as cat climbing steps. There are more and more fashionable cat trees coming out on the market, it would be hard not to find something that could fit your style. Install shelving that is cat-friendly, to discourage kitty from climbing your curtains. As a professional pet sitter, I love when owners have fun climbing areas for their felines, because I know exactly where we’ll have plenty of play time together!


To Each Their Own. Give your pet a specific space that is just for them! Maybe it’s a room with all of their goodies, or a special corner of the apartment. Redirect your pet’s attention by using tantalizing textures. Think soft and comforting, like plush pet beds, sheep skin rugs, memory form mattresses, or shag carpeting. Place these things in the areas you prefer your pet to spend time. Personalize it to what best suits your decor. Consider installing decorative leash hangers, or accent food and water bowls with a stylish place mat. By containing your pet’s accessories in one designated area, it makes keeping up after your pet much easier. As a professional pet sitter, I love when I come into a home where the pets have their own special area of the home. It makes my job so much easier and more efficient, which means I spend less time searching, and more time snuggling and playing with your pet!

Who said you can’t have pets and style?