When a client calls for dog walking in Racine, we get very excited, as this is a territory we’d like to expand to serve more dogs and cats and allow people to vacation and enjoy their lives. Pet Sitting allows people to leave home and not worry about their puppies or kittens; they know from our sterling reputation that their pets comfort and safety is our #1 concern.


Dog Walking in Racine-how do you go about finding someone?

Google Dog Walker Racine or Dog Walking Racine and see what you come up with. Are they:

  • Pet First Aid and CPR certified
  • Insured and Bonded?
  • Do they know how to read canine body language
  • Do they know the warning signs of illness in pets
  • Do they have a back-up plan in case they have an emergency-who is going to visit your pets?

Next thing to do is to read the review posted on”

Another way to find a great dog walker is to call your veterinarian. Sadly, most of the time they will refer someone who works there and who is moonlighting. While you may know then, you really don’t, unless they give you a background check and can provide you with proof of bonding and insurance.

With the upcoming travel season upon us, don’t hesitate to call on us for your dog walking and pet sitting needs. We would be happy to serve you. We have easy, online scheduling to either create a “set it and forget it” schedule for daily dog walking, or easy scheduling for pet sitting and vacation sitting. Your pets will be pleased that you called us and your satisfaction, coupled with your pets love and safety are our utmost concern. Thanks for considering us for dog walking and pet sitting in Racine.